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Buddha Delight Stir Fry

A quick and easy way to get a variety of healthy vegetables into a meal is to whip up a stir fry. I particularly like a stir fry as it cooks the vegetables in a way that still keeps their texture intact and a good stir fry sauce can really bring out all the flavours of the vegetables. Whilst I’ve shared with you a particular mix of vegetables I
love for their taste, texture and vibrant colours you can easily substitute these for your favourites making it a really flexible dinner that can be whipped together in minutes.

Ingredient Quantity
Snow Peas 70g
Carrot 100g
Napa Cabbage 180g
Bamboo Shoots 100g
Soaked Bean Curd 20g (Soak in water for 15 min)
Water Chestnut 40g
Firm Tofu 200g
Shitake Mushroom 100g
Bean Sprouts 100g
Baby Corn 115g
Olive Oil                           3 Tablespoons

Place fresh firm tofu in a clean cloth, wrap it over. On a plate, put rack or chopstick to create a gap from the plate. Place tofu in the cloth and place some weight on top. I used pestle here, leave it for 10 – 15 minute to drain water inside tofu.  Cut tofu into about 3 cm length, 1 cm width and height.

Meanwhile, chop mushroom, bamboo shoots, carrot, baby corn, water chestnuts, bean curds, snow peas and napa cabbage. Here I used the air fryer for the tofu ; 7 min each side at 180’C. Mix tofu at the end in the pan. Reason I choose air fryer is that it keeps the inside of tofu moist while the outside holds together.

Heat up the pan/wok with high heat. Key here is to prepare everything before hand so that the actual stir fry will be fast and smooth and keep the heat high throughout. Add oil , when the oil is ready add stalks of napa cabbage, carrots. Stir it for 30 sec.

Add baby corn, water chestnut and stir for another 30 sec. Add the rest except tofu, add **sauce here too. Stir for a minute or 2. On a small bowl, add a tablespoon of corn flour and mix with a tablespoon of water. Add the mix at the end. Keep stirring the pan for another minute to get a bit of thickness or body in sauce.

**Preparing stir fry sauce – in a bowl , mix veggie stock, soy sauce, sugar, Chinese cooking wine, vegan oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic minced, pepper.

Best to eat the stir fry as soon as it is plated while all vegetables are fresh and crunchy.

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Stir Fry Sauce

Veggie Stock 1.5 cup
Soy Sauce 3 Tablespoons
Sugar 2.5 Tablespoons
Oyster Sauce 2 Tablespoons
Dark Soy Sauce 1 Tablespoon
Sesame oil 1 Tablespoon
Olive oil 3 Tablespoons
Minced Garlic 2 Teaspoons
Pepper ½ Teaspoon

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