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Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl

(2 ppl, 35 min preparation including cooking)

Salad is never easier to make now than ever. We are surrounded by so many choices and variations fortunately here in Australian when it comes to salads. You can get anything anywhere from simple to gourmet in a heartbeat thanks to our evolving eating habits and life choices. Out of all kinds, my favourite is natural and plant-based salad – buddha bowl that is so easy to make but with the help of Mimi’s laphet tea dressing it can elevate to the next level, café style at your very own home. This is our weeknight go to vegan salad highlight our seasonal produces. It was divine!! For extra texture and protein, add Mimi’s golden Sunkissed nut mix as fancy salad topper.



• 1 large sized carrot, slice into ribbons
• 1 Avocado, cut in half
• 1 cup of cooked brown rice
• ¾ cup of shredded purple cabbage
• ½ cup of boiled corn kennels
• 1 medium sized eggplant
• 6 cherry tomatoes, cut in halves
• 2-3 tbs Mimi’s laphet tea dressing
• 6 tbs Mimi’s laphet Sunkissed crunch
• Handful of white and black sesame seeds (optional)



• Preheat the oven to 200-220 fan forced for 10 min prior.
• On an oven tray, place the whole eggplant and brush it lightly with olive oil.
• While waiting for oven, prepare carrot, cabbage, tomatoes and avocado.
• Put the oven tray with eggplant for 10-15 min or till it cooked.
• Place sesame seeds on a plate, face down avocado in it to coat generously.
• Remove shell carefully around avocado and set it aside.
• Slice cooked eggplant into diagonally or any desire shape.
• On a serving plate or bowls, add brown rice, assemble ribbon carrots, shredded cabbage, corn, cherry tomatoes, eggplant and avocado.
• Drizzle Mimi’s Laphet tea dressing over as seasoning.
• Pair it with Mimi’s Laphet Sunkissed crunch for extra texture.

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